Camp Virginia Physical Training

We offer an optional Camp Virginia Physical Training (CVPT) to our campers and counselors who wanted to become more physically fit and conditioned. The goal was optimal function and performance. The participation and success rates were impressive.

CVPT is a challenging team based workout in which the trainees set their physical pace and progress at their own pace.  The emphasis is on teamwork and the strong focus is training each individual – as a group – to become an important part of the team. All potential trainees are tested during the first gathering in the following exercises: two minute timed push-ups, two minute timed sit-ups, and a one-mile run. There has been a 100% improvement in physical endurance.

The workouts are fun and different every day. And challenging. This training is available in each session.

Athletic Training

Camp Virginia recognizes that high school and college athletics are important parts of many of our campers’ and counselors’ lives. We provide outstanding training for school sports and boast an unmatched staff to mentor and develop our youngsters. 90% of our staff played at least two sports in high school. We have had a number of counselors play for intercollegiate teams in basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, baseball, and lacrosse. In addition, we have varsity and junior varsity coaches in many sports on our staff.

A weight room with several benches, plenty of free weights, agility ladders, and plyometric boxes provide young people with an opportunity to lift weights and stay in shape. A number of our coaches and athletes also provide opportunities for agility training with ladders, cones, and resistance bands. We are willing to oversee any workouts that your coach or strength coach wishes to provide.

We find that all of our youngsters, because of our constant activity and nutritious meals, come away from a session at Camp Virginia in some of the finest shape of their lives and more than capable of making an instant impact on any field or court.

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