The Camp Virginia Staff

The heart and soul of a great camp is a strong staff, and the counselors at Camp Virginia are first-rate. Many of our counselors began as campers, and there is very little turnover from year to year. Youthful enthusiasm, energy and role modeling is blended with the leadership provided by a core of career educators. Our counselor staff stays in touch year-round. The bond they have as leaders at Camp Virginia will remain with them for the rest of their lives. As Kennedy and Kimball say in Choosing the Right Camp, “The staff here is noticeably more mature than at most camps. It is an advantage that is telling in many ways, but particularly in the overseeing of individual campers.”

Junior/Senior Counselor Application (16 years and older)
CV JUNIOR COUNSELORS must have completed 10th & 11th grades and be 16 or 17.
CV SENIOR COUNSELORS must have completed high school and be at least 18.